Monthly archives: November, 2016

What Sugar and Driving Have In Common


Nutrition coaching can be a gratifying business when clients get results. But it can be rather frustrating when clients fail to follow instructions – particularly for reasons that seem illogical, arbitrary, or even a little self-destructive. Looking at weight-loss timing, for example. Much damage can occur from the time we first go off-course with our …

10 Amazing Drinking Water Facts


Water is one of the most vital natural elements and resources on Earth. Without water, millions of living creatures, including humans, could not survive. It is literally a key piece to the survival of virtually all living things on the planet! I mean, what more can we say about H2O? Well, 10 more things actually! …

Necessity of the Hydrogen and Methane Breath Test


If, you are food lover then undoubtedly you would have not left any chance of eating your favorite food at home, party or in market in excess, and then would have also faced different types of digestive problems next day after waking up. Well, this problem is not only related with you, but in recent …