10 Amazing Drinking Water Facts

Water is one of the most vital natural elements and resources on Earth. Without water, millions of living creatures, including humans, could not survive. It is literally a key piece to the survival of virtually all living things on the planet! I mean, what more can we say about H2O? Well, 10 more things actually! Continue reading to learn 10 super-interesting facts about drinking water, but not before pouring yourself a tasty, 8 ounce glass first!

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Drinking Water is Good for the Body!


Our bodies are made up of more than 70% water. In fact, brain tissues are 80% water! Oddly enough, the same amount of H2O can be found in trees.


Most of our body weight is contributed to water; but don’t quit drinking water to lose weight! That would actually have the opposite effect! If you want to lose weight, increase metabolism, and burn calories faster, drink more H2O!


Our organs, tissues, and more are all made up of mostly water, and our bodies need water to function and thrive. Men require an average of 13 cups of H2O per day, while women require an average of 9 cups per day.


Good hydration can prevent, or alleviate the severity of, arthritis. Water helps arthritis sufferers because good hydration reduces friction between joints.


Drinking water also helps your teeth. It can reduce serious dental issues like cavities, gum disease, and tooth decay, as well as, minor conditions like teeth discoloration and bad breath.


When you feel thirsty, your body has lost at least 1 percent of its total water. So don’t wait to drink water until your thirsty; keep your beak wet all day long.


Drinking enough H2O can help reduce the chances of heart disease and cancer. It flushes toxins out of your body, which reduces the frequency of toxins coming into contact with vital organs and tissues in your body. This is why drinking water can also reduce or prevent hang overs!


Drinking too much H2O can pose a particular danger. Too much in too little time can cause water intoxication. This happens because water dilutes the sodium levels in a person’s bloodstream, which causes an imbalance of water in the brain. It is common among athletes.


The United States of America uses an average of 346,000 million gallons of water every day! The average person uses 80 gallons of water each day. This includes brushing teeth, bathing, laundry, toilet flushes, watering the lawn, cooking, and more.


On average, a person could go an entire month without food and still survive. But a person could only survive one week with drinking H2O. That is how essential water is to the human life!


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