Necessity of the Hydrogen and Methane Breath Test

If, you are food lover then undoubtedly you would have not left any chance of eating your favorite food at home, party or in market in excess, and then would have also faced different types of digestive problems next day after waking up. Well, this problem is not only related with you, but in recent times it has emerged as one the common problems among every person sitting next to you. So, now the question arises why this problem happens with every person. To find an answer to this question you first need to understand the fact that excess of everything is always harmful, and the same principle when you eat your favorite in dish in excess.

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The food which we eat consists of different types of sugars which apart from being enhancing the taste of food are also enhancing our immune system, but when the intake quantity of these sugars excess they start creating different types of stomach problems in form of pain, gastric, bloating etc. To get rid of problem you have to undergo the Hydrogen and Methane Test that is helpful in diagnosing the problem and determining the necessary treatment for you, so that next time you can enjoy your beloved dish without any fear. Here it should be important to know that the people with weak digestive system have more chances of being grabbed by this problem, this mainly because the food absorbing efficiency of their stomach is not strong.

Talking about the breath test that is conducted to identify the emergence of Hydrogen and Methane in body it would be interested to know that it is a painless test which can even be conducted at home and then its credentials can be sent to diagnostic centre for further examinations. There are different types of tests conducted to diagnose the disorder in your stomach, these tests are referred as below:

1. Fructorse Breath Test: To diagnose malabsorption of Fructose sugar;

2. Lactulose Breath Test: To test the production of hydrogen in your stomach and intestinal transition time;

3. Lactose Breath Test: To check excess of Lactose present in your body;

4. Mannitol Breath Test: To identify malabsorption of mannitol;

5. Sorbitol Breath Test: To check the malabsorption of Sorbitol; and

6. Sucrose Breath Test: To diagnose the excess of Sucrose malabsorption.

Method of conducting the Hydrogen and Methane Breath Test:

As referred above we intake different types of sugar in our food during our day-to-day activities in form of fructose, lactose, sucrose etc. As a general digestive practice these sugars directly go in small bowl of our stomach. The persons with poor digestive efficiency are not able to absorb these sugars and as the result of which the sugar taken by them goes into colon or big bowl, resulting in the fermentation of unabsorbed sugars in the colon and creating varied stomach problems like diarrhea, loss of appetite, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome etc.

During the breath test it is diagnosed that bacteria which have developed in large bowl are developing either due to hydrogen or methane or combination of both. The gas that is developed in bowel transits in form of blood through veins and comes out in form of breathing via lungs.

There are various cases where it is seen that the patients do not suffer from the problem of hydrogen generation in excess of amount, such patients are known as “low producers of hydrogen” and despite of producing hydrogen they are producing methane of gas in excess. It is also seen that there are various patients who although develop excess of hydrogen but as it metabolises quickly, they develop methane. Well whatever the reason is, the patients suffering from such problems show negative hydrogen test and are told that they do not suffer from any malabsorption problem.

To get rid of such problem such patients are advised to under go the lactulose hydrogen test, making it easier for doctors to identify which type of gas is mainly produced by the bacteria. The conduction of this test allows in determining the time that is required in transition of sugar to your large bowl during intake. You should remember that this test is conducted to assess the absorption of different sugars by our body and assessing their role in emergence of problems like bloating, wind, pain etc in stomach.

If during test the results reveal positive signs then it is an indication you are able to absorb the specified percent of sugar that is prescribed for users. But, in case unfortunately the result of your breath test is negative then it does not mean that you should totally stop the consumption of these sugars, for such patients there is another diet chart that favors the use of these sugars to restricted percentage.

Excess of everything is always harmful and the same principle applies while you eat. Sometimes, it is seen that whenever we get an opportunity of eating our favorite dish we eat it in huge quantity and in this way we absorb different sugars available in that food. If we are able to absorb the sugar then we do not feel any problem, but in case if we are not able to absorb the excess of sugar taken by us we face different problems in form of stomach pain, gastric problem, bloating, diarrhea etc. To know the reasons behind the happening of this problem on in other words to identify that due to which sugar this problem is taking place in stomach of patient, the Hydrogen and Methane Breath Test on the basis of treatment of patient is conducted. Interestingly, today there are various methods by which you can conduct at home and send the output to clinic for diagnosis.


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